Escalation Rules
    • 15 Apr 2024
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    Escalation Rules

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    Article summary

    This page shows you a list of all escalation rules that exist for your Service Desk. Escalation rules allow you to automatically perform actions on service records when predefined criteria are met.

    The screenshot below shows two examples of escalation rules: the first reopens service records that have been put in a follow up status when the follow up date arrives, and the second notifies an administrator and his/her manager when a service record passes the due date.


    SysAid runs your scheduled escalation rules every five minutes during the operating times of the company to which the SR belongs.  Alternatively, you can configure escalation rules to run once when a ticket is created, or immediately after each time a ticket is saved. The escalation rules are run one by one, from top to bottom as they appear in this list. In order to change the order in which they're run, you can reorder the escalation rules using the up/down arrow buttons EscalationListfilesUp-DownarrowsUp-Downarrows.jpg found at the far right of each row.


    “Out of Office” function doesn’t work on Service Records assigned via an Escalation Rule

    Modifying Escalation Rules

    To create a new escalation rule, click Create New Rule.
    To modify an escalation rule, click Modify for that escalation rule.
    To delete an escalation rule, click Delete for that escalation rule.

    For further instructions for creating and modifying escalation rules, and for an explanation of the different column headers in this list, please go here.