AI Statuses
    • 04 Jun 2024
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    AI Statuses

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    Article summary

    AI Admins can modify Service Record Statuses that impact SysAid Copilot-related Service Records, so that the AI Statuses used in their organization meet the precise needs of their Service Record resolution processes.

    This document describes how AI Admins can:

    • Modify User Group permissions for AI Statuses

    • Set Default Statuses for Service Records impacted by the AI Intelligent Categorization Escalation Rule


    The three AI-related Service Record Statuses that automatically appear in Service Desk Settings are:

    • AI - Contained

    • Closed - AI

    • New - AI-driven Service

    AI Admins can choose which User Groups can use each AI Status (Service Record Status Field), as found in their Service Desk’s Status List.

    In Spaces

    To modify User Group permissions for AI Statuses, follow these steps (as shown above):

    Step 1: Go to Sidebar > Settings > Customization > Templates & Fields > Fields Value Lists

    Step 2: Click the “List” dropdown menu > Select “Status”

    Step 3: Select the three dots button in the relevant Status’s row

    Step 4: Check off the User Groups to enable the Status for, and click “Save” below the table

    AI Statuses

    AI Statuses can be modified but not deleted

    In Classic

    To modify User Group permissions for AI Statuses in Classic, go to Settings > Customize > Lists.

    On the List page, select the relevant AI Status > Click on the three dots' in its row > Select the desired User Groups > Click “Save”

    Set Default Statuses

    Default Statuses can be set for Service Records that meet one of the following criteria:

    • Created by AI Chatbot (Incidents or Requests)

    • Converted from Incident to Request by AI Intelligent Categorization Escalation Rule

    The two dropdown menus of Status options display the ‘Default Status’ options available for Incidents and Requests.

    Statuses must meet the following criteria in order to appear in the dropdown menus:

    1. Enabled for the Service Record type (Incident/Request)

    2. Class set to “Open”

    Once a Default Status is chosen per Service Record-type, Service Records created using the described methods are automatically assigned the Status selected in the dropdown menu.

    To set a Default Status for relevant Service Records, go to AI Chatbot Settings > General and select a Status from the relevant dropdown menu.