Configure Columns
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Configure Columns

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Article Summary

Use the Column Configuration Panel to reorder, remove, and add Columns in your Queue Grid 

Configuring Columns in the Queue allows you to reorder, remove, or add Columns displayed in the Queue Grid.

This document provides an overview of how to use the Queue’s Column Configuration Panel to customize your Queue Grid Columns:

Column Configuration Panel

You can reorder, remove, or add Columns using the Column Configuration Panel, which contains the following:


The Header indicates the displayed Column count out of the 50-Column limit and a search bar where you can search for displayed Columns

Displayed Columns

Shows all fields representing the Queue Grid’s desired Columns

“Add a Column” line

A sticky action line used to add additional Columns to the Queue Grid

  • The Queue can contain up to 50 Columns at a time
  • The panel’s search bar results show displayed Columns only
  • Configuration changes are only saved after clicking the “Apply” button in the Column Configuration Panel

Reorder Queue Columns

Reorder Queue Columns using Drag and Drop


You can reorder Queue Columns via drag and drop in the Column Configuration Panel. 

To change the position of a Column, hover over its Column Name in the panel, drag it to your desired position in the list. 

You can change the position of any Column except Service Record ID, which is fixed as the first one in the Queue Grid.

Remove Columns from the Queue

Remove a Column from the Queue


You can remove any Column from the Queue (except Service Record ID) using the Column Configuration Panel.

To remove a Column, hover over its row and click the [icon] icon.

Add Columns to the Queue

Add a Column to the Queue

You can add up to 50 Columns to the Queue. 

To add a Column:

  • Click the (sticky) “Add a Column” line in the Column Configuration panel
  • Search and/or select your SR field of choice from the dropdown menu 

The new Column will automatically be positioned as the last on the list, but you can drag it to your desired position.

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