Workflow Designer
    • 27 May 2024
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    Workflow Designer

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    Article summary

    SysAdmins designing Request, Change, or Problem Templates in the Template Designer can create Workflows using the Workflow Designer and incorporate them into the Templates. 

    This document describes and guides SysAdmins and end users through how to create Workflows in the Workflow Designer.

    Create a Workflow

    To create a Workflow inside a Template, click the “Add Workflow” button in the Header of the Template you’re designing. This button becomes available on new Templates only after they’ve been saved (at least once) by clicking on the "Save Template" button. 

    The Workflow Designer will then open in a new tab.


    Each time a Workflow is updated, the changes are saved to the relevant Template and will be applied to all new Service Records using that Template

    Create Phases

    Phases are the main Workflow items used to separate the Workflow into logical containers. The order of Phases in the Workflow Designer mirrors their order in the SR Workflow.

    Add Action Items

    To add an Action Item to a Phase, click on the three dots on the left side of the Workflow Designer. This will expand a sidebar containing all Action Items that can be added to the Workflow.

    Once you’ve selected the desired Action Item, click and drag it into your Phase of choice. 

    You can add an Action Item to the Workflow either by:

    • Clicking “New Action Item”

    • Selecting an existing Action Item displayed on the list


    Each time an existing Action Item is edited, this edit will be reflected in all Templates using that Action Item

    Rearrange Action Items

    You can click and drag any Action Item to move it between Phases or to change its position inside the Phase.