Configure Action Items
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    Configure Action Items

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    Article summary

    Edit Action Items in the Workflow Designer

    You can configure the following Properties per Action Item: 

    • Action Item Name
    • Tab caption
    • Visible Fields
    • Arrangement of Fields
    • Default Field Values
    • Field Permissions
      • Editable or View Only
      • Required or Optional

    To configure an Action Item, open the Action Item Editor by hovering over the Action Item in the flowchart and clicking on the hamburger icon and selecting “Edit Action Item”.


    Field Permissions Configuration is not yet supported

    Configure Default Values

    Default Values are predefined Values assigned to a Field in the relevant Template’s Action Item Fields

    You can assign Default Values to the following Action Item Fields:

    • Assign to
    • Admin Group
    • Instructions
    The Assignee Field is a single Field that becomes visible in the Service Record once the “Assign to” and/or “Admin Group” Fields are in the Action Item Editor’s “Visible Fields” list

    Configure Attributes

    Configure Action Item Attributes in the Workflow Designer

     You can configure the following automatic behaviors for Action Items based on their Workflow’s activity:

    • Status Change

    You can choose a Status to automatically be set to the Service Record on a Workflow’s Activation or Completion stages.

    • Notifications
      • Notification ID

    When this option is selected, Users selected in Workflow Notifications Settings will receive Notifications for this Notification ID

    • Notification method

    You can choose whether the user receives the Notification when the Action Item is activated or when it’s completed

    The following toggles can be turned on or off per Action Item:

    • Auto Complete
    • On completion approve linked patches for the linked assets
    • Cancel notifications for changes to the %M%’Assigned to %M%’ field

    To configure the Attributes of an Action Item, hover over the Action Item whose Attributes you want to configure and click the hamburger icon. This will open the Attributes and Dependencies Configuration Builder.


    Only the “Auto Complete” toggle is currently supported

    Configure Dependencies

    Configure Dependencies between Action Items in the Workflow Designer

    You can create dependencies between Action Items in the Workflow Designer, which will appear in the Template Designer directly. 

    Action Items can be dependent on:

    • 1 Action Item
    • Multiple Action Items (including both “and” and “or” logic)

    To configure a dependency between Action Items, hover over the Action Item you'd like to add a dependency to and click the hamburger icon. This will open the Attributes and Dependencies Configuration Builder.

    Customize Data Population

    Customize how Action Item Field values are populated

    Action Item Field values that appear both in the Workflow Action Items and in the Service Record can be automatically synchronized.

    To set up this synchronization, you can configure an Action Item’s Field to populate a Local Field and define the following method:

    Data Population MethodOutcome

    Replace target field value with selected field value


    Add selected field content to target field content


    Combine selected field content with target field content

    Overwrite if not CompletedReplace field value with selected field, only if the action is not marked as "Completed"
    Append if not CompletedAdd selected field value to target field, only if the action is not marked as "Completed"

    Once you've defined the trigger, you can define the Population Method to automatically populate the chosen Field:

    Data Population TriggerTrigger
    SR UpdateWhen a SR update is saved
    Action Item UpdateWhen an update in this Action Item is saved
    Action Item ActivatedWhen the Action Item is activated or reactivated
    Action Item CompletedWhen the Action Item is completed