Upgrade Agents Version
    • 14 Jun 2022
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    Upgrade Agents Version

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    The Update Agents Version tab allows you to ensure that all of your assets are running the latest version of the SysAid agent. The agent is updated with each new release of the SysAid software, so be sure to upgrade the agent after upgrading to a newer release of SysAid.


    To upgrade the agent version:

    1. Choose which asset Group you would like to upgrade. Any sub-groups within a group are also upgraded. If you choose the highest level group "\", all of your assets are upgraded.
    2. If you want, you may select an individual asset from within a group in the Asset ID column.
    3. In the Next run on column, choose when the upgrade will first run. Subsequent upgrades run at the same time of day as the first upgrade, so be sure to select a time of day when you know your assets will be online.
    4. Choose the frequency of the upgrade in the Repeat every column.
    5. Click Add. The agent is upgraded on the selected assets at the Next run on time and is upgraded regularly thereafter.

    To manually upgrade the agent version, click Run now on the asset group you want to run.

    To delete an upgrade rule, click Delete on the upgrade e rule you want to delete.

    To edit an upgrade rule

    1. Click Edit on the upgrade rule you want to edit.
    2. Make any changes you want to the upgrade rule.
    3. Click Save.

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