• 30 Jun 2022
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    Article summary

    Tools include additional modules and features that help you plan and streamline your helpdesk processes. Following is a brief description of each sub menu and what it offers.

    Tasks and Projects
    Plan your future IT objectives and to ensure they are implemented smoothly and on time. You can stay on top of your maintenance tasks using the recurring notification feature of the Tasks and Projects.

    Password Services
    Allow end users to reset their AD passwords or unlock their account without intervention from your IT staff, saving time for both end user and your IT staff.

    SysAid Calendar
    See all time relevant information within SysAid, including software expiration dates, service record due dates, service record activities, and more.

    User Management
    Create and edit user profiles for administrators and end users, manage administrator permissions, create and manage user groups, add companies (Full Edition only), and refresh your user list from LDAP.

    For more information, open the Online Aid for any of the individual Tools.