Template Fields
    • 16 Apr 2024
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    Template Fields

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    Article summary

    Admins creating a Service Record Template can define which Fields to include in its Sections and configure properties per Field.

    This document describes how to do the following when creating a Service Record Template:

    • Add Fields

    • Define Field Properties

    • Delete Fields

    Add Fields

    You can add Fields to a Template by using the Available Fields panel, which includes all Fields that can be added to the Template. 

    The Available Fields panel displays its first 50 Fields, and the rest will load as you scroll down. You can also use the panel’s search bar to find your desired Field.

    Form Fields each fall into one of the following Field Types:

    Field Types can be searched by name in the Available Fields panel and are indicated by unique icons:

    Field Type


    Text Area

    Text Field



    Date and Time

    Single Select

    Multi Select


    To add a Field from the Available Fields Panel to your Section and location of choice, hover over it and drag it to your desired location in the desired (Form) Section. Each Field can be used once per Template.

    Set Default Field Values

    You can set a Field to be auto populated with a default value. 

    Define Field Properties

    You can define Field Properties in the Field Properties Panel.

    To open the Field Properties Panel, click on the relevant Field.

    This panel includes the following Property configurations:

    • Required for Status

    You can specify that a Field is required when the Service Record is set to a certain Status.

    The default value for this Field is ‘all Statuses’, but can be specified on an individual basis

    • Hidden Caption

    The Hidden Caption property shows the input field without a field label

    • Hint

    Adding a Hint property to a Field that may need further explanation adds a text area field where the user will be able to insert a Hint text, shown in the Service Record as a tooltip, indicated by a [show icon] above that Field

    • View Only

    Form Fields are editable by default, but users can choose to set them as “View Only” to prevent specific Groups and/or Users from being able to edit them.

    You can choose to exclude specific Groups from the “View Only” setting so that the specified Groups’ users can edit the Field

    Delete Fields

    You can delete a Field from a Template, and it will automatically return to the Available Fields Panel. Deleted Fields with default values will be reset. To delete a Field from the Template, hover over it and click the trash can icon that appears to the right of the Field.