SysAid IP Filter
    • 13 Feb 2023
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    SysAid IP Filter

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    Article summary

    The SysAid IP Filter add-on allows you to limit the IP addresses and IP addresses that can connect to SysAid to a specified list of IP lists and/or IP ranges.
    Only v4 IPs can be specified.

    Set up SysAid IP Filter

    1. In SysAid, navigate to Settings > Integration > Third-Party Integration.
    2. In the IP Filter icon, click IntegrationsfilesGreenCog18.jpg.
    3. In the List of Valid IP or IP Ranges field, enter the IP addresses and or ranges you want to grant access to SysAid.
    4. In the No Access Notification field, enter a message that you want users to receive when they attempt to access SysAid from an IP address not specified in the previous field.
    5. Click the slider to activate the add-on.
    6. Click Save Changes.

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