SysAid CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
    • 01 Jun 2022
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    SysAid CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

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    How SysAid CTI works

    SysAid CTI allows your PBX (phone system) to open service records in SysAid and prepopulate the Request User field.

    When a user calls in, your PBX will identify the caller either by their caller ID, or by any other information your phone system asks them to key in. When an administrator answers the call, SysAid will open on their screen a new service record from Service Desk > Help Desk > Incident >New Incident and prepopulate the Request User field. The administrator can then proceed to log the call as normal.

    Alternatively, your phone system can request the caller to enter a service record number, if they have one, and then open the existing service record on the screen of the administrator who takes the call.

    To enable the SysAid CTI, your PBX must be able to open links at the call recipient side and be able to pass certain parameters that allow SysAid to identify the request user.

    When the CTI passes to SysAid information such as a phone number, SysAid searches for a match among your users, e.g. a user with that phone number. The user with the matching information in their profile is chosen as the request user for the new service record. If no users match, the Request User field is left blank. If there is more than one match, SysAid will take the first user it comes to.

    Opening a new SR using SysAid CTI

    When an administrator answers a phone call, your PBX must open the following link on his or her computer:
    XXXX is the field name to search, and YYYY is the data passed by your PBX.

    This will open the Phone Call page with the correct request user selected.

    Here is an example in which the PBX passes the caller's phone number (caller ID):

    You may use any of the following fields to identify a caller:

    • autoUserField_user_name
    • autoUserField_first_name
    • autoUserField_last_name
    • autoUserField_email_address
    • autoUserField_sms_number
    • autoUserField_phone
    • autoUserField_cell_phone
    • autoUserField_car_number
    • autoUserField_building
    • autoUserField_floor
    • autoUserField_cubic
    • autoUserField_cust_text1
    • autoUserField_cust_text2
    • autoUserField_cust_int1
    • autoUserField_cust_int2

    Also, instead of the phone call page, you may choose instead to open the standard SR form by using:

    Opening an existing SR using SysAid CTI

    If your caller has an existing service record and keys in the SR# over the phone, you can have SysAid open that existing SR. If this is the case, your PBX must open the following link:
    Where XXXX is the service record number.


    If the user is imported from LDAP you will need to use the code for a backslash ('%255C') before the username, so the URL may look something like this:

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