SR Weight
    • 26 May 2022
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    SR Weight

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    The SR Weight feature allows IT Management to determine the order in which the IT staff handles SRs based on true business priority by assigning a weight value for a given SR.

    Assign a weight

    You can access an SR's Weight field in either the SR form or the SR list.

    To assign a weight from the SR list

    1. Select the SRs you want to assign a weight to.
    2. Click More Actions.
    3. From the drop-down select Weight.
    4. In the text box, enter the weight you want to assign to the selected SRs.
    5. Click Save.


    Highlight your weighted SRs

    When the feature is enabled, weighted SRs with the following criteria are highlighted with a red background in their lists:

    • The SR is active.
    • The SR is assigned to you, a group you belong to, or you are designated as the Responisble Admin for the SR.

    By default, all of your weighted SRs are floated to the top of your SR list regardless of any filters that may be applied to the list.

    Also, a button appears at the top of the list. The button toggles between the Active and Inactive positions, indicating whether the weighted SRs are sorted separately or not.





    If you do not have any weighted SRs this button does not appear, even if it has been enabled in Service Desk settings.

    To sort your weighted SRs according to the same sorting criteria as the other SRs in your list, click HelpDeskfilesWeightON.jpg. The button changes to the Off position.

    To push all of your weighted SRs back to the top of your list, click HelpDeskfilesWeightOFF.jpg. The button changes to the On position.


    Enable the Weighted SRs feature

    While the Weight field is always accessible, the visual aspects only appear if the feature is enabled in the Service Desk settings.

    To enable the Weighted SRs feature

    1. Navigate to Settings > Service Desk > General.
    2. Check the Enable visual indicators for weighted SRs box.

    If you enabled this functionality, you can also select for the SR list to load with the last state of the float button. For example, if the last time you were in the list, the float button was in the inactive state, the next time the list loads, it will remain in the inactive state with the weighted SRs sorted as a normal SR.

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