SNMP Scan List
    • 06 Sep 2023
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    SNMP Scan List

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    Article summary

    SNMP scanning allows you to discover all SNMP capable devices on your network and import them into SysAid. When creating an asset from an SNMP scan, SysAid uses the MAC address of the first network interface detected on the device as the asset ID.

    The SNMP Scan list displays all of your saved SNMP scans.


    For general instructions for using list pages in SysAid, see Using SysAid Lists.

    Create an SNMP scan

    To create a new SNMP scan, click DiscoveryfilesNewScanNewScan.jpg.

    Edit an SNMP scan

    To view or edit an existing SNMP scan, click its row in the list to open the SNMP Scan form.

    Delete an SNMP scan

    To delete SNMP scans

    1. Select the check boxes corresponding to the SNMP scans you want to delete.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. When prompted, click Delete.

    Update SNMP Assets

    The SNMP scan only creates assets, it doesn't update them. You can update SNMP assets by scheduling an update in the Update Asset Data page.

    To schedule updates of SNMP assets

    1. Navigate to Settings > Network Discovery > Update Asset Data.
    2. In the Filter Expression column, click DiscoveryfilesDiscovery1.jpg.
    3. Set the query to assets with a source of SNMP.
    4. Click Create Filter.
    5. Use the Date/Time picker to select a date and time for the update to run.
    6. In the Repeat Every column, select how often the update should recur.
    7. Click Add.

    Background information

    What's SNMP?

    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is used by devices as a method of communicating basic and real-time information across a network.

    Each device contains OIDs (Object Identifiers), variables that communicate data about the device. An OID looks something like with each number representing another level, or branch on an organizational device hierarchy known as a MIB (Management Information Base).

    SysAid uses its own internal logic to determine the device type (DHCP server, router, switch, printer, or "other"). If a device is mislabeled, you can manually change the Device Type in its asset form.

    SNMP in SysAid

    SysAid's Asset Management allows you to perform the following actions for SNMP-compatible devices.

    Prerequisites for an SNMP scan

    Before scanning for SNMP devices, be sure that the following conditions are in place:

    • The devices you want to discover are enabled for for SNMP version 1, 2, or 3.
    • If a device is enabled for SNMP v3, a password is set on that device.
    • The device's Community string matches the string you define in the scan.
    • If a device limits SNMP access according to IP address or host name, ensure that the device enables access to the RDS or the SysAid server.
    • At least one of the device's network adapters contains a valid MAC address on the following OID:

    SysAid may not be able to locate your device's MAC address if its adapter OIDs are not arranged in sequential order starting with

    For more information on these conditions, see the documentation for the devices you want to discover.

    For more information on SNMP, see here.

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