Request Templates
    • 05 Sep 2023
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    Request Templates

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    Introduction to Request Templates

    Requests are standard procedures that are carried out on a regular basis and are typically pre-approved. However, some requests do require one or more approvals, and it might be helpful for certain types of requests to create a workflow. In SysAid, each request is based upon a template that determines whether there are approvals and whether there are any other workflow components.

    SysAid comes preconfigured with two request templates: the Advanced template for request that require a single approval and the Basic template for requests that are pre-approved. You can also create your own templates for requests that require multiple approvals, or for requests that require a more advanced workflow.

    Request Templates List

    The request templates list allows you to create and modify request templates.


    To edit a template, click its row in the table. To add a new template, click image.png. Go here for further instructions for creating and modifying request templates.

    For further instructions for using this list page, please go here.