Operating Times
    • 05 Sep 2023
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    Operating Times

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    Article Summary

    This tab shows you a list of operating times for your service desk. Operating times are the hours that your service desk is in operation. Due dates, escalation rules, and automatic emails are all affected by your operating times.

    Example: A service record that receives an automatic due time of 6 hours is submitted at 16:00. Your service desk is open from 8:00 - 18:00. Therefore, the due date of the service record is 12:00 the next day -- six operating hours after it was submitted.

    List of different operating times

    There are three types of operating times that can apply to a service record:

    Default operating times

    There is only one set of default operating times. These operating times apply to all service records that are not associated with any other set of operating times.

    Agreement operating times

    These operating times apply to all service records attached to a certain SLA (SLA/SLM module only).

    Company operating times

    These operating times apply to all service records originating from within a specific company.

    Creating and modifying sets of operating times

    Creating a new operating time configuration

    1. Click the OperatingTimesfilesNewOperatingTimeNewOperatingTime.jpg button.
    2. (SLM only)In the window that opens, choose whether to create a new set of operating times for a company or for a particular SLA.
    3. Click Create New. Then go here for further instructions.

    Modifying an operating time configuration

    To modify an existing configuration, click "Modify". This will take you to the modify screen.

    Deleting an operating time configuration

    To delete an existing configuration, click "Delete." Click "OK" on the warning message that pops up to confirm the deletion.