Okta Repository
    • 30 Aug 2022
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    Okta Repository

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    Article Summary

    SysAid’s Okta Repository integration allows you to more efficiently manage the users in your company from one central location, by automatically pulling user data from Okta to SysAid. The integration runs these data imports on a schedule that you define; saving time and preventing human error that could occur from manually copying the data.

    While this integration provides admins with access to users from Azure within SysAid, the users themselves cannot access SysAid unless you also enable the Okta integration.

    Set up the Okta Repository integration

    1. From the SysAid Marketplace, get the Okta Repository addon.
    2. On the main My apps page, in the Okta Repository icon, click.
    3. Enter your Okta account URL.
    4. Log in to your Okta account.
    5. Click Admin.
    6. Navigate to API > Tokens.
    7. Click Create Token.
    8. Enter the name you want.
    9. Click Create Token.
    10. Click  to copy the token.
    11. Click OK, got it.
    12. Back in SysAid, paste the copied token into the Token field.
    13. Enter the number of hours you want for the update interval.
    14. Click the slider to enable the add-on.
    15. Define which SysAid fields get populated by which Okta fields by selecting the fields from the drop-downs.
      1. Click Add New Field, to map an additional field.
      2. Click , to delete a field mapping.
    16. (Optional) Select the Import Groups check box if you would like to import groups from Okta to SysAid.
    17. (Optional) If you want to validate a small change in Okta, you can click  to manually run a sync from Okta to SysAid for validation purposes. Note: We do not recommend using the manual option for large updates in Okta.
    18. Click Save Changes.

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