Customize Values
    • 04 Jun 2024
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    Customize Values

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    Take control of how your data is classified and displayed — by choosing which values your List Fields contain.


    • SysAdmin or Admin permissions

    • Spaces Service Desk activate and enabled

    Admins can customize the composition of their List Fields (in any Entity) by choosing each Field’s values, Keys, Caption (Name), and relevant permissions.

    This document describes the customization options available for Field values and how to use them, including specifications for:

    • Keys

    • Captions

    • User Group permissions*

    • Service Record Type*

    Customization Options

    Customization Options

    The customization options vary for each Field.
    Example: Urgency Field has the option to specify User Group permissions, whereas Impact Fields don’t include that option


    To add a Custom Value to an existing Field, follow these steps:

    1. Select the List to adda custom value to

    2. Create a Caption (value name) for the new value

    3. Add a number to the Key field — this will determine the order of the values in the dropdown

    4. Click Add

    5. Click Save


    To rename an existing Field’s (custom or default):

    1. Click on its Caption Field

    2. Enter the desired name

    3. Click Save


    To customize the order of the values in the Field’s dropdown, click Sort by to configure whether the list of values is ordered according to Caption or Key

    Grant permissions

    Each Field value’s default permission is that all User Groups can access it.

    To limit Field Value access to designated User Groups:

    1. Click the three dots in the Valid for User Groups column

    2. Check off the desired User Groups (one or more) from the dropdown

    3. Click OK


    To delete a value from a Field’s list of value options:

    1. Select the Delete checkbox of the desired value

    2. Click Save

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