Closed Chat
    • 26 May 2022
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    Closed Chat

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    Article Summary

    This page shows a transcript of a closed chat, as well as all relevant details for that chat.

    You can use the print icon SharedimagesPrinticonPrinticon.jpg to export the chat to .pdf format for ease of printing.


    The following fields are recorded for each closed chat:

    Request user
    This is the end user who was involved in the chat. You can change this even after a chat has been closed by using the Change button.

    Email address
    This is the email address of the end user who participated in the chat.

    Start time/Close time
    These two fields show the time that the chat started and ended, respectively.

    The queue that handled the chat.

    Assigned user
    This is the administrator who handled the chat.

    Full name
    This is the name of the end user who participated in the chat.

    Shows whether the chat was closed by the end user, by the administrator, or by the system (chat timed out).

    Update time
    Shows the last time the chat was updated.

    Shows the number of any service record that was attached to the chat. You can change this using the Change SR button. Chat that are attached to service records appear in the Help Desk on the Chats tab for that service record.

    Any attachments uploaded during the chat appear here in a list. You can click on an attachment to download it.

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