CI Sub Types
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    CI Sub Types

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    Article summary

    Each CI type in SysAid can have it's own sub types. This aids in classifying CIs that fall into general categories, such as assets.


    SysAid includes a number of default sub types for the Asset CI type. You can also add your own sub types.

    To add a new CI sub type:

    1. Click Upload icon on the first line of the table to add a custom icon. If you don't add an icon, SysAid will use the same icon as for the CI sub type Other. Recommended icon size is approximately 32x32 pixels.
    2. Enter the name for the CI sub type in the first line of the table.
    3. Click Add.

    You may also change the icon used for any of the existing CI sub types using the appropriate Change icon button, and you can delete any existing CI sub type using the appropriate Delete button.