Automatic Texts
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    Automatic Texts

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    Article Summary

    Automatic texts allows you to create small snippets of text that you can insert into your emails/broadcasts/instant messages with the click of a button. Create automatic texts for all of your most common helpdesk situations, and save yourself a lot of time and energy retyping the same messages over and over!


    Click the Create a new automatic text button to add a new automatic text. For further instructions for creating a new automatic text, please go here.

    To modify an existing text, click the Modify button for that entry.
    To delete an existing text, click the Delete button for that entry.

    Using automatic texts

    You can insert an automatic text any time you open the Send Message form (see image below). Click the automatic text icon AutomaticTextsfilesautotexticon.pngto open a list of your automatic texts. Click on the text of choice, and it will be inserted into your message wherever your cursor is. You can also click Automatic Text Settings to open this page.

    Inserting an automatic text while sending an email