Asset Management
    • 05 Sep 2023
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    Asset Management

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    The Asset Settings menu contains the following items:

    Asset Types
    Create and modify your list of asset types. You can also change the icon for any asset type.

    Import Assets
    Import a list of assets from a .csv file.

    MDM Settings
    Define defaults for all mobile devices newly enrolled to SysAid Mobile Device Management. Also, enable MDM for iOS here.

    Mobile Device Policies
    Create and manage your mobile device policies.

    Patch Management Settings
    Define default Patch Management behavior, including automatically attaching assets to specific policies, and default reboot settings.

    Patch Management Policies
    Create and manage your Patch Management policies.

    Remote Control Settings
    Configure general remote control settings.

    SNMP OIDs Settings
    Map custom OIDs from your various SNMP devices to the different fields on the asset form. When you next run an SNMP scan, the contents of the specified OIDs will be transferred to the appropriate fields on the asset form.

    Registry Keys
    Enter a list of registry keys. SysAid will extract these keys for each asset with an agent installed, and will display the contents of the registry key on the asset form.

    Configure notifications for asset management.

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