Animated Summary
    • 30 May 2022
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    Animated Summary

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    Article Summary

    SysAid now provides a new and innovative way to display your Help Desk statistics. You can create a fun animated video summary that displays the following basic IT statistics over a given period of time:

    • Number of service records
    • Number of high priority tickets
    • Number of low priority tickets
    • Busiest day of the week
    • Busiest hour of the day
    • Most active admin (based on number of tickets handled)
    • Most active end user (based on number of tickets opened)
    • Number of incidents
    • Number of requests
    • Number of changes
    • Number of problems

    You can then create a link to the video to be viewed by your coworkers or customers.


    To create and play the animated summary video

    1. Use the date pickers to select the time frame you want to summarize.
    2. Select the video's theme theme from the Animation Theme drop-down.
    3. Click Watch Video.

    Share your video

    To share your video with people who have access to your server, click Copy & Share Internal.
    To share your video with people outside of your server's network, click Copy & Share External.

    The text of the link is copied to your clipboard for you to paste in an email or anywhere you want.

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