AI Emailbot
    • 09 May 2024
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    AI Emailbot

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    Create Service Records via email and receive an AI Chatbot response as an email reply, as if you’ve created a Service Record while chatting with the AI Chatbot.

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    • SysAid Copilot license

    • SysAdmin or AI Admin

    • “AI Emailbot” checkbox checked off

    AI Emailbot Replys

    Service Records created using this method are automatically assigned the “New - AI driven Service” Status.


    User prompts written to the AI Emailbot will be added to the SR as Messages with an indication of the sender, including:

    • Email title

    • Email body 

    • All AI Chatbot answers

    Receiving an AI Emailbot response depends on whether or not the AI Emailbot has a sufficient response for the content in the user’s email. 

    When a user receives an AI Chatbot (AI Emailbot) response to his original email, they can click one of two buttons:

    “Issue Resolved” – automatically changing the Service Record’s Status to “Closed - AI”

    “Continue to Chat” – opens the AI Chatbot as if the user had triggered it through the Self-Service Portal, with the email thread content showing as the AI Chatbot thread

    Escalation Rules: Service Record Status

    Escalation Rules for AI Chatbot Email Integration

    The ‘Enable SysAid Copilot’ main checkbox automatically adds two Escalation Rules (each in a disabled state). 

    Only when the ‘AI Chatbot via Email’ checkbox is enabled, are these rules automatically enabled. 

    These rules then determine subsequent Status changes for the Service Record.


    Both Escalation Rules are editable and need to be enabled in order to run

    These Escalation Rules are:

    • “AI driven Service”

    • “Move out of AI”

    Rule 1: AI driven Service

    This Rule automatically changes SR Status to “New - AI driven Service” if:

    • Service Record Source is “Email”

    Email Notification

    An Email Notification (displaying the SR Title, SR ID, and AI Emailbot message) appears when the “AI driven Service” Escalation Rule runs and the following criteria are met:

    • SR Status was set to “New - AI driven Service” 

    • AI Chatbot’s answer was sufficient for the user’s question or issue

    • End user has AI Chatbot access permissions 

    Rule 2: Move out of AI

    If the AI Emailbot’s answer was not sufficient, the second Escalation Rule (“Move out of AI”) will run and change the SR Status to its default status of the account (i.e. ‘New’), if the following occurs:

    • Its Status is “New - AI driven Service”

    • Its Last Modified (value) is over 30 minutes

    Once the SR Status reverts to the account's default status, it will trigger regular account automations just as it would when sent from Email Integration without SysAid Copilot.

    Ultimately, if the user chooses to click the “Issue Resolved” button in the email, the SR Status will be changed to “Closed - AI”.


    • The Status and Mode Fields cannot be edited for the “Move out of AI” Escalation Rule

    • Service Records created by the “AI driven Service” Escalation Rule appear in the AI Admin’s Queue

    • The SR Statuses “New - AI driven service” or “Closed - AI” are not editable or removable from their account’s Status List

    • If the "Enable AI Emailbot" is unchecked and then rechecked later in time (by the Admin, in General Settings) - any configurations done to the AI Emailbot rules will be reset to their default values

    To set up Escalation Rules, go to Settings > Escalation Rules > Click “Add New Rule”
    Read more on Escalation Rules here.

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