Introduction to Templates
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Introduction to Templates

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Article Summary

Templates are pre-configured Service Record Forms that are built according to Service Record Type (Incident) and used by Admins with the necessary permissions. 

Incident Templates enable Admins users to easily create forms that are built to their exact use cases and to standardize their resolution processes.

Default Incident Templates (Out of the Box Templates) exist in the Template List. Every time a new Template is created, it uses the default OOTB Template. Once the user selects which of their configured Templates to choose from and apply to the Service Record.

This article describes the basic anatomy of Incident Templates and how they can be used in your Service Desk.

To navigate to the Template List, click the [settings cog icon] in the Sidebar > Settings Portal > Customization > Templates & Fields > Service Record Templates.

Template Docs

Template Structure

The (OOTB) Template structure is composed of four Sections:

  • Template Header
  • User Information
  • Incident Information
  • Details

When you create a Template in the Template Designer, you can modify these sections (except the Header) and add additional Sections as you see fit.

Template Header

The Template metadata is contained in the Template Header, a fixed section that contains five required fields for any Template:

  • Title
  • Priority
  • Categories 
  • Assignee
  • Status

Template Header Calls to Action
  • “Preview” button
  • “Save Template” button
  • “Settings” button

User Information

User Information Section in SR Form


The Form’s User Information Section includes the Following Fields:

Submit UserRead Only
Submit TimeRead Only
Request UserEditable; Required
DepartmentRead Only
Request User ManagerRead Only
Main AssetEditable
Main CIEditable

Incident Information

Incident Information Section in SR Form


The Form’s Incident Information Section includes the Following Fields:

Due DateEditable
AgreementRead Only


The Details Section includes the following Fields:

DescriptionEditable (Rich Text Editor)

Template Designer

The Template Designer is made up of the following Sections: 

Template Header

The Template Header contains five fields that all Templates must include:

  • Template Name (Required)
  • Created by
  • Created on
  • Template Type

The Template Header also contains several calls to action:

  • Preview
  • Save Template
  • Settings (SSP Visibility, enabled by default but removable)
  • Duplicate Template
  • Delete Template

Available Fields Panel

The Available Fields panel lists the System OOTB Fields that users can add to a Template’s Service Record Form.

Field Types can be searched by name in the Available Fields panel and are indicated by unique icons:

Field TypeIcon
Text Area
Text Field
Date and Time
Single Select
Multi Select

The Available Fields panel displays both: 

  • Fields that currently exist the Template’s Form (indicated by a checkbox in the panel) 
  • Fields that can be added but don’t currently exist in the Form

Form Designer

Form Designer

 The Form Designer panel is where you can: 

  • Add, modify, or delete Sections
  • Add, modify, or delete Fields

Form Header

Form Header

 The Form Header includes five Fields:

  • Title
  • Priority (Required)
  • Category 
  • Assignee 
  • Status (Required)

Field Properties Panel

Field Properties Panel

The Field Properties panel is where you can configure properties that are specific to each Form Field; the panel appears when you click on a Field or Section.

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