Sort the Queue
  • 05 Feb 2024
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Sort the Queue

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Article Summary

Service Record Columns get sorted and sub sorted according to relevance and resolution priorities


Admins can sort the Queue by one or more Columns

This document describes how to:

Sort the Queue by one Column

Sub sort the Queue by multiple Columns

By one Column

Sort the Queue by any Column by clicking the arrow beside its name

This method allows you to sort one Column at a time. 

To sort the Queue by one Column, hover over its Header and click on the icon.

The sorting icon then appears, indicating that the Column is sorted in ascending order.

To sort a Column in descending order, hover and click the arrow icon again.

To cancel the sorting, click the icon a third time.

By multiple Columns

Sub sort by another Column: Press CTRL when hovering over its name

Sub sorting involves sorting the Queue an additional time once it's already been ordered (sorted) by one Column.

To sub sort Columns, hover over a second Column Name and its sorting arrow icon.

Press CTRL while clicking the icon simultaneously, and the Service Records will be sub sorted based on the two Columns you've chosen.

The first sorted Column is marked with a '1', and the sub sorted Column is marked with a '2'.

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