Sort and Filter
  • 18 Oct 2023
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Sort and Filter

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Article Summary

Sort and filter the Queue

The Queue allows you to oversee your Service Record in a structured format of a Service Desk Queue Grid.

This grid layout allows you to utilize Queue Filters and Columns for effective workload management and prioritization.

This document provides an overview of how to:

Sort Columns

Sort the Queue by a Column

You can sort and sub sort Queue Columns in either ascending or descending order. This allows for better organization of Service Records to narrow your results according to relevance. 

You can choose the sorting method that will be most beneficial to your SR Resolution needs:

Sort by one Column

This method allows you to sort one Column at a time. 

To sort the Queue by one Column, hover over its Header and click on the icon.

The  then appears, indicating that the Column is sorted in ascending order.

To sort a Column in descending order, hover and click the .

To cancel the sorting, click the icon a third time.

Sub sort by Multiple Columns

Sub sorting involves sorting the Queue an additional time once it's already been ordered (sorted) by one Column. 

For example, once you’ve sorted the Queue according to the Priority Column, you can then sort the Priority-based order according to Date. The final result will display the Service Records according to Priority-level, in chronological order.  

To sub sort Columns, hover over a second Column Name and its sorting arrow icon. Press CTRL while clicking the icon simultaneously, and the Service Records will be subsorted based on the two Columns you've chosen

The first sorted Column is marked with a '1', and the sub sorted Column is marked with a '2'.

Filter the Queue

Filter the Queue using Advanced Filters

 You can apply Advanced Filters (Assignee and Status fields) to refine the Queue according to what you're looking for.

To filter the Queue using Advanced Filters, click on the Assignee or Status Filters, and search for and select the desired Field value(s) from the droplist.

Filter a Column

Filter a Column

You can add additional Filters to the Queue content by filtering individual Columns by one or more of their Field values.

To do this, hover over any displayed Column’s name and click the icon. 

You can select multiple Column Filters and apply them directly from the Queue, which then displays a combined result of all filtered values. 

View Filter Results

Columns you filter by will be indicated as such in the Queue Grid ( ) and in the Filter Bar (gray chips).

Filter Chips

Grey Filter chips appear  in the Filter Bar when Columns Filters are active. 

When a Column is filtered by multiple values, all values are listed in a tooltip on hover.

Clear Filters

You can clear Column filters using the:

Clear Filters using the Droplist

You can clear any active filter using the Droplist by clicking the Column’s filter icon and deselecting the field value(s) or by clicking “Clear all”.

You can use this method to clear both Column Filters and Advanced Filters.

Clear Filters using the Filter Chips

You can clear any active Column Filter by clicking the X in its corresponding Filter chip (Advanced Filters are represented by white chips) in the Filter Bar.

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