Routing Rules
  • 19 Sep 2023
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Routing Rules

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Routing Rules Form for Service Records


Routing Rules enable the Service Desk to automate the allocation of Service Records to Administrators or Admin groups, streamlining scenarios where prior knowledge exists about which Admins or Admin Groups are best suited to handle Service Records meeting specific criteria.

Routing can be determined by:

  • Agreement (SLA/SLM module only): SLA of the Request User
  • Company: Company of the Request User linked to the Service Record
  • User group: User group of the Requesting User linked to the Service Record
  • Category: Category of the Service Record

These options allow for the routing of tasks to Admins/Admin Groups as needed.

  • The Service Desk arranges the rules based on their specificity, ensuring that more specific rules take precedence and execute before less specific ones; the execution order adapts dynamically when new rules are added and isn't influenced by the sorting of the Routing Rules List.

  • There is an option to Reroute Service Records based on Routing Rules when the details of the Request change

    To enable this, go to General Settings and check off "Reroute Service Records, based on routing rules, when the details of the request change"

Add new Routing Rules

  • Click image.png and enter the information in the Routing Rules form
  • Enable the rule by selecting Yes from the Enabled drop-down check box
  • Select the rule criteria for the rule (refer to list above for your choices)
  • Select the desired administrator and/or administrator group
  • Click OK

Reorder the Routing Rules

You can change the order that routing rules list, which also affects the order of the Rule processing when there's a conflict. 

The higher up a rule appears on the list, the higher priority SysAid its given when multiple rules are run simultaneously.

To reorder the Routing Rules List:

  1. Make sure that the Use default routing rules order check box is not checked.
  2. Use the up and down arrows in the Update Order column to move routing rules up and down on the list.

Delete Routing Rules

Select the check boxes corresponding to the routing rules you want to delete, and click Delete.

Export Routing Rules List

  • Click Scoreboardfiles3dots.png
  • Select Export to Excel or Export to PDF.

Service Record Updates based on Routing Rules

Service Record updates affect Routing Rule behaviors, both via Queue updates or Service Record page updates. When a SR Assignee or Admin Group is updated based on a Routing Rule, the update will be reflected in the Journey.

Admins & Admin Groups Selection

  • If the "Admin Group" dropdown is selected from before the "Administrator" dropdown, the "Administrator" dropdown only shows Admins that are part of the selected Group

  • If the "Administrator" dropdown is selected before the "Admin Group" dropdown, choosing an Admin Group that doesn't contain the Administrator will cause the Administrator list to be automatically reset

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