Perform Bulk Actions
  • 04 Feb 2024
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Perform Bulk Actions

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Article Summary

Save time and effort by performing Bulk Actions: update up to 50 Service Records from the Queue at once, such as assigning the SR to an Admin or Group, changing its Status, or updating attributes in one batch.


Admins with Bulk Actions permissions (to assign, delete, or both)

Select Service Records for Bulk Action

The Bulk Actions Actions Bar appears (for permitted Admins) at the bottom of the Queue when a Service Record is selected (using either Single Select or Master Select).

Individual Service Records

Select one or more Service Record checkboxes in the Queue Grid, and opt to update their Assignee(s) or to delete the Service Record.

All Service Records at once

To exclude specific Service Records from this master selection, de-select their checkboxes. 

This will subtract the number of Service Records from the count of 50 that were auto selected, allowing you to select others while remaining within your multi selection limit. Once the Action Bar represents the Service Records you’ve selected, you can either click “Assign”  or “Delete” , depending on your desired action.

Remove Service Records from Multi Selection

Service Records can be removed from a ‘Bulk Action selection’ either by

  • Deselecting them individually by clicking their checkbox

  • Deselecting all ‘checked’ Service Records from the master checkbox

  • Clicking the X icon on the Action Bar terminates the Bulk Action process that was started

Keep in mind

Bulk Deletions are recorded in the System Log, including multiple Service Records that were deleted through a Bulk Action