Manager Portal Introduction
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Manager Portal Introduction

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The Manager Portal is SysAid's management module. It gives you access to both real-time charts and graphs and to more in-depth reporting. You can also design reports, and modify existing reports.


In order to access the Manager Portal, you must have the correct permission.

  1. Go to Tools > User Management > Administrators.
  2. Click on an administrator to open his or her profile.
  3. Click on the Permissions tab.
  4. Check the box Access Dashboard.
  5. Click OK.

The Manager Portal has two components. Click on a link to expand a section. Click again to close it:



Viewing the Dashboard

Go to Analytics > Overview > Dashboard.

The Dashboard gives you a collection of real-time, graphical charts that allow you to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in your IT environment. These charts all offer customizability, so you can tailor your Dashboard to show you exactly what you would like to see. The Manager Dashboard allows you to view 4 charts per page, and you can create as many pages as you like. You can even set the pages to rotate automatically from My Menu > My Settings.

Please read the full Dashboard help page for more information.

Please see Designing the Dashboard for instructions on customizing this page.

Designing the Dashboard

Go to Settings > Dashboard > Design Dashboard.

The Dashboard offers many customization options. Pick your desired charts from the list, four per page, and create filters to display the exact the data you require. If you need more than four charts, create a new view and add four additional charts to that view. When creating or modifying a view, make sure to indicate that it should be included in the rotation of Dashboard views.

Click here for full instructions for designing the Dashboard.



Viewing reports

SysAid offers you a tremendous variety of prewritten reports that you can run to view performance for your helpdesk, the status of your inventory, and progress on your various tasks and projects (Task & Project module). You can also view any custom reports you've designed. Reports can be exported to Excel or .pdf, and each report has customizable parameters so that you can see exactly the service records, assets, etc. that you would like to see.

Go to Analytics > Overview > Reports to view a list of all your reports. Click on a report to run it. You will be taken first to the report generation screen. On this screen, you choose the specific parameters of the report you would like to run. You may also save your report so you can easily run it again, and you can schedule the report to be run and delivered by email on a regular basis

There are three options here for reviewing reports you have already run:

My Reports

View a list of all reports you've saved from the report generation screen. Click on a report name to run that report.

Recent Reports

View a list of the most recent reports you've run. Click on a report name to run that report.

Scheduled Reports

View a list of your scheduled reports.

Click here for a partial list of the reports available and a description of these reports.

Designing reports

Go to Settings > Manager Portal> Design Reports.

The SysAid Manager Portal allows you to customize any of the prewritten reports included with SysAid, or to create your own. For modifying reports, you use iReport, a report generation tool. For creating reports, you can use iReport or the built-in Report Wizard.

  • Click here for information about creating and modifying reports using iReport.
  • Click here for instructions for creating reports using the Report Wizard.

For every report in SysAid, you may choose which administrator groups have access to that report. You can do this easily from the Report Properties tab of the Modify Report screen.

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