• 05 Feb 2024
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Article Summary

An actionable audit log of all Service Record activity — where Admins track and manage each Service Record’s Resolution process.


  • Admins with Edit permissions can perform actions in the Journey

  • Admins with Read permissions can view the Journey

This document describes the Journey’s layout, modes, and in-line action options.

Journey Layout

The Journey tab of the Service Record includes a timeline of every Event and Change, including: 

  • Description

  • Any File Attachments

  • Metadata:

    • The user who performed the Event or Change

    • The date and time of every Event or Change


  • Automated actions are indicated by a bird icon

  • The Next action line doesn’t appear for users with Read Only permissions

  • Date and Time formats are defined by Users’ Settings for Time Zone and Date Input Style

Journey Filters


You can view the Journey within any of the following filters:


 Highlights is the Journey’s default filter, listing:

  • All Attachment uploads 

  • Notes

  • Messages

  • Status changes

  • Assignment changes

  • Resolution details

Full Journey

Full Journey displays all Journey Events (showing any change or action that occurred in the Service Record).


Activities displays:

  • Notes

  • Messages

  • Resolution information

Audit Log

Audit Log displays all Field changes that occur in the Service Record.

Journey Actions

You can perform the following in-line actions inside the Journey:

  • Notes

    • Write a Note

    • Edit a Note

    • Delete a Note

  • Messages

    • Reply to a Message

    • Forward a Message

  • Attachments

    • View or download an Attachment

    • Upload an Attachment

    • Delete an Attachment

  • Resolution

    • Edit a Resolution Card

    • Delete a Resolution Card