Email Integration List
  • 02 Oct 2023
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Email Integration List

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Article Summary

List of configured Email Integrations

Email Integration acts as a main communication channel for reporting new Service Records and monitoring existing ones optimizing IT management capabilities.

Responses to emails sent from SysAid are recorded in the system, allowing other Admins to review the correspondence when the (Admin) Assignees are out of the office.

Configure Email Integrations from Spaces
  • Go to Settings > Self-Service Portal > General Settings > Integration > Email
  • Follow the steps listed in this doc

Email Integration Capabilities

  • Use Email Rules to automatically create Service Records from incoming emails

    Automatically route the Service Record to an Admin or Admin Group and assign one or more of the following:
    • Status 
    • Category 
    • Urgency
    • Impact 
    • Priority
    • More based on the email's content, sender, and incoming address
  • Assign each division using the Multiple Outgoing Email Addresses capability (available only in the Full edition) their own email profile for sending messages from SysAid. This makes it easier for end users to determine where the email came from (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], etc.).

Advanced Email Options

Advanced Email Integration Options

 Advanced options allow you to configure certain aspects of your email integration to reflect the behavior of previous versions of SysAid. To display these settings, click the "Advanced Options" button in the Email Integrations List page.

Admins send emails in SysAid to non-registered users
Admins can send to any email address, even when they're not registered in the Admin's user account
Send all automatic notifications from the default accountAll automatic SR Notifications (SR opened by email) will come from the default email profile and not from the email profile that received the SR
Automatically add CC'd addresses to the Service Record CC fieldUsers cc'd on a Service Record-related email are added to the SR's CC field and included in all future email correspondences and Automatic Notifications
Don't send emails to the following recipients
Creates a list of email addresses that SysAid should never send emails to

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