Business Value Dashboard
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Business Value Dashboard

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SysAid's Business Value Dashboard displays specific and clear information (based on key metrics) regarding the value of your IT department that you can communicate to relevant stakeholders in your organization. This information also allows for better understanding of the different groups’ productivity and for improved decision-making within your department.

It also shows what areas you need to focus on to improve the services you provide.

Access the Business Value Dashboard

To access the Business Value Dashboard

  1. Obtain the Business Value Dashboard add-on from the SysAid Marketplace
  2. In SysAid, on the main My Apps page, in the Business Value Dashboard icon, click GreenCog.jpg.
  3. Click the Activate Integration slider.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Ensure that you have Access Dashboard permissions on the admin or group level, in addition to SysAid Administrator permissions.

The dynamic header displays a quick overview of your MTTR over the selected timeframe, the number of incidents your team received, and the number of hours you've worked on them. IT also displays a positive or negative message depending on whether your performance has improved or declined over that time frame.

When the time range consists of the current or last month, the header also includes the expected MTTR improvement, based on the compared timeframes.

Positive header
Negative message

Set Timeframe

By default the dashboard displays data for the past 12 months and compares the last complete month with the three months prior to that. You can modify the timeframe as you like. This affects all data in the dashboard including the graph and the header.

To change the timeframe of the dashboard

  1. In the Filters area, click the time range. TimeFilter.png
  2. Use the drop-down and/or the date picker to select the timeframe that you want to display data for.


You can filter the dashboard information by specific combinations of groups and departments to get MTTR information for specific aspects of your organization. The Groups filter factors in the provided service of the selected groups and the Department filter factors in the service that was received by the selected departments.

To filter the Business Value Dashboard

  1. Select a filter option (Departments, Groups).
  2. Enter the name of the filters you want to apply or select them from the drop-down.
  3. (Optional) To remove a filter, click its corresponding .
  4. Click Save.

Continue adding filters until you have the combination you want.

Add category overlay to your graph

You can select the categories that you deem most critical and compare your performance in those categories to your general performance by adding a trend line for the selected category to your MTTR graph.

When you add the overlay, SysAid adds the selected categories' trend as a layer to the graph (yellow line). The orange levels (in each gray bar) represent the actual number of tickets that match the selected categories. All this information appears in a tooltip that you can view by hovering over the relevant areas of the graph.

To add a category overlay

  1. Click Category.
  2. Enter the name of the categories you want to chart or select them from the drop-down.
  3. (Optional) To remove a category, click its corresponding .
  4. (Optional) To clear your selection, click Clear All.
  5. Click Save.

View the MTTR Graph

The graph displays the average MTTR in hours, as well as the total number of incidents over time. 

To isolate and view just one of the data points, click its circle at the bottom of the graph.

To view more details about any point on the displayed timeframe, hover over that point.


To the right of the graph area you can find a high-level summary of the selected time range (according to the defined filters), including the total number of tickets, the average MTTR, how many tickets were reopened, and the general satisfaction level (for the tickets included in this information).

Contact Manager

Your SysAid customer success manager is displayed on the side. This allows you to ask questions directly to your SysAid contact to better harness SysAid to improve the service you provide. Click Book Now to contact them for more information.

Widgets Area

The Widgets area on the bottom half of the Business Value Dashboard screen provides relevant data in graphical widgets - to help you quickly access the information you need to analyze your tickets based on type, source, groups, and individual admins. Some of these widgets also serve as filters that can be configured to affect what data is displayed in your dashboard. 

Ticket Type Widgets and Filters

The Ticket Type widgets allow you to view your displayed tickets by type, including what percentage of tickets each type includes and what your MTTR is for each type of ticket. You can also select specific types as filters for the entire Business Value Dashboard. 

To filter your dashboard by ticket type

  • Select the check boxes corresponding to the ticket types you want to display in the dashboard.

Ticket Source Widgets

The Ticket Source widgets allow you to view your displayed tickets by their source. The widget displays how many tickets were generated in each source and what percentage of the displayed tickets each source accounts for. 

Admins and Groups

The Admins and Groups widgets display the top nine admins and groups based on number of tickets handled. The rest are grouped into a widget marked as Other. Each widget displays the number of tickets handled by that admin/group, the amount and percentage of tickets that the admin/group closed or moved to another admin/group.

You can also expand each widget to get a full list of the admins/groups closed the tickets handled by that admin/group. 

The data reflects the filters set above. 

To change from Admins to Groups or the other way around, click the down arrow and select what you want to display.

To expand a widget for more details on the handled tickets

  1. Hover over the widget, and click .

  1. (Optional) To further expand the list of groups or admins, click the link on the bottom of the list.
  2. (Optional) To view a list of where the moved tickets were moved to, click Moved. Click Closed to toggle back to the closed tickets list. 
  3. (Optional) To Collapse the widget, hover over the widget and click .


The recommendations area provides you with tips for improving your MTTR.

Click Learn More to access a library of resources for best practices and ways to improve the service you provide.

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