AI Chatbot for End Users
  • 21 Feb 2024
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AI Chatbot for End Users

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Article Summary

Allow End Users to promptly report issues and receive real-time support from their organization's ITSM resources and personnel.

Instead of relying solely on IT teams for questions and problem-solving, users can ask the AI Chatbot questions directly or utilize it to quickly submit Service Records; avoiding the time-consuming task of manually populating individual Service Record Form Fields.


SysAid Copilot license with AI Chatbot feature enabled

This document explains how end users can:

  • Access the AI Chatbot

  • Use AI Chatbot features

  • Use 1-Click Submission

  • Access the AI Emailbot

  • Submit AI Chatbot Answer feedback

Access the AI Chatbot

End users can access it in the Self-Service Portal, either by clicking on either of the following:

AI Chatbot button in the Header

Access SysAid Copilot from the Self-Service Portal

 AI Chatbot Service Catalog Item

Customize the SysAid Copilot Service Catalog Tile

Chat with the AI Chatbot

Once triggered, the Chatbot opens and displays the personalized Welcome Message, encouraging the user to enter their query. 

You can begin a conversation with the AI Chatbot and receive quick, organization-specific answers to your questions.

To create a new chat thread, click on the “New Chat+” on the top left of the Chat interface.

To access Chat thread history, click on any thread in the left panel and continue its conversation.

You can also react to any Chatbot message within a chat thread by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons and submit textual feedback with the IT Admin(s).

Create a Service Record using 1-Click Submission

AI Chatbot for End Users

The AI Chatbot's 1-Click Submission feature allows you (end users) to submit a Service Record directly from their AI Chatbot conversation.
As soon as you send your first message, a "Create a Service Record" link will appear (underneath the thumbs up/thumbs down feedback buttons).
Once you click on the link, a progress indicator will appear in a popup, confirming that a Service Record is being created on your behalf.

The Chatbot will then send you a Confirmation Message verifying a Service Record has been created and specifying its SR ID and Title, both of which link to their SR in the Self-Service Portal.
Until the Service Record gets resolved, its "Unresolved" status will be indicated in the left panel’s “Unresolved” section (a link to the relevant Chatbot thread). 

You can click the "Issue Resolved" button once you're ready to close the Service Record, and the following will occur: 

  • The Chatbot sends a confirmation message that reads: "Great news! Your Service Record has been resolved with the status 'Closed - AI'

  • The thread will revert back to a regular chat thread in the Chat History panel

How the AI Chatbot creates a new Service Record

When you click on "Create a Service Record", SysAid Copilot creates the Service Record on your behalf. 

Coming Soon

SysAid Copilot chooses the most relevant (Category-driven) SR Template, involving the following process:

SysAid Copilot first identifies the Category related to your AI Chatbot conversation, and then chooses which of your default Service Record Templates (Incident or Request) is most relevant for the new Service Record

SysAid Copilot then auto-populates the Service Record with the Field values listed in the table below;



Service Record Title

Thread Title




Text of the Chatbot conversation


Conversation Log

Request User

Logged in User



Categories (Category Set)





AI Chatbot-generated Service Records can be re-opened in the Self-Service Portal by clicking on the Service Record link that appears inside the chat thread and clicking the "Reopen Ticket" button

Submit feedback on AI Chatbot answers

You can submit feedback on AI Chatbot Answers by ranking each Answer with a Thumbs up/Thumbs down and writing textual feedback, which are then sent to the AI Admin from the Monitor & Fine-tune page.

The feedback you provide allows Admins to:

  • Understand and identify whether the AI Chatbot is helping your organization resolve issues independently

  • Improve the AI Chatbot’s future answers and input

Chat with AI Chatbot via Email

AI Emailbot

You can also communicate with the AI Chatbot via email when you submit a Service Record via email.

To do this, you can send an email to your organization account’s configured email ( for SR email submission, which the AI Chatbot may respond with a generative AI solution, addressing the issue or question.

There are various response options:

  • Select “Continue to Chat” to open a new tab for continuing the Chat, including email’s original user query and the AI Chatbot response

  • Select “Issue Resolved!” to resolve the Service Record and change its status to 'Closed - AI'


The AI Chatbot only responds to Service Record Submission emails when the following are true: 

  • AI Emailbot is enabled for the account from the General Settings

  • End user has AI Chatbot permissions

  • AI Chatbot has a relevant response for the email’s content

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