Account Defaults
  • 21 Sep 2023
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Account Defaults

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Settings > Self-Service Portal > General Settings > Customize > Account Defaults


Here you can set the following Account Defaults:

  • Language
    Choose the default Language for new SysAid users, without affecting existing users.

    Users can individually pick their preferred language from the ones you've enabled.

    Use the default language for automatic notifications

When this option is enabled, automatic notifications will always use the translation file in the account's default language, regardless of the language chosen by the notification recipient.

Notifications sent to multiple users are sent in the account's default Language, even when this checkbox is checked


SysAid Basic is limited to two languages, including English (US), while Full Edition supports multiple languages

  • Categories and Custom Lists
    Fields with a dynamic value that may be occasionally edited are retranslated via the translation file (e.g. Categories, Priority, Status, etc.)

  • Timestamp Fields
    Timestamp Fields (e.g. Submit Time, Close Time), Journey Events, and System Logs are displayed according to the user's specific time zone (as defined in My Settings) in UTC

  • Date Format
    The Default Date Format is defined by the account's default Format (US or Europe), as defined in My Settings

  • First Day of Calendar Week
    Specifies whether the calendars and date pickers in new user accounts should default to displaying Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week

  • Ignore Case in Login Name
    Allows users to enter their login name in any capitalization case

  • Export/Import/Encoding
    There is no reason to change this unless directed to by SysAid Support

  • Organization name
    Available as a variable in the automatic notifications SysAid sends out

  • Require Admins to add a Note when changing a setting
    Notes that the administrator adds are stored in the event log under Settings > Customize > Event Logs

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