Workflow Notifications
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    Workflow Notifications

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    Notifications informing users to take action in a Workflow Action Item.


    Admins with “Change Manager” Permissions

    Workflow Notifications can be sent to users using one or more of three channels:

    • SMS Notification

    • Email Notification

    • A Workflow-generated Service Record

    Create Workflow Notifications

    To create and configure a Workflow Notification, go to Settings > Workflows > Click the + icon in the top right menu bar.

    This is where you choose the Notification:

    • Name (appears as the Notification ID in the Workflow Designer Attributes editor)

    • Type

    • Recipients

    • Content

    Configure Workflow Notifications

    Admins with “Change Manager” Permissions can configure Workflow Notifications to be sent when an Action Item is:

    • Activated

    • Completed

    To define which Notification you’d like to generate within an Action Item, select the relevant Notification ID when modifying the Action Item’s Attributes.

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