WMI Scan
    • 06 Sep 2023
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    WMI Scan

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    Article Summary

    A WMI scan allows you to discover all of your Windows based computers without needing to install the SysAid agent. Information collected includes computer name, hardware and software details, and more. You may later deploy the SysAid agent in order to take advantage of all agent functionalities, such as remote control, monitoring, broadcasts, initiating chat sessions, etc.


    In order for WMI scanning to detect your computers, the RPC service needs to be enabled on the computers you are scanning.

    The WMI Scan list displays all of your saved WMI scans.


    For general instructions for using list pages in SysAid, see Using SysAid Lists.

    Create a new WMI scan

    To create a new WMI scan, click WMIScanfilesNewWMI.jpg.

    Edit a WMI scan

    To view or edit an existing WMI scan, click its row in the list to open the WMI Scan form.

    Delete a WMI scan

    To delete WMI scans

    1. Select the check boxes corresponding to the WMI scans you want to delete.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. When prompted, click Delete.

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