Interact with the Chatbot
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Interact with the Chatbot

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chatbot ui(1)SysAid Chatbot


The Chatbot enables end users to promptly report issues and receive real-time support from their organization's ITSM resources and personnel. Instead of relying solely on IT teams for questions and problem-solving, users can directly ask the Chatbot questions or use it to quickly submit Service Records, avoiding the time-consuming task of manually filling in individual fields in the Service Record form.

This document explains how to:

  • Access the Chatbot
  • Access the Chatbot via email
  • Use the Chatbot features
  • Submit a Service Record during a Chat
  • The Chatbot is only available to end users whose account includes a license with enabled Generative AI features
  • The Chatbot feature is currently in Alpha
  • The Email Integration for the Chatbot will be available in the Beta release

Access the Chatbot

End users can access it in the Self-Service Portal, either by clicking on either of the following:

  • Chatbot button in the Header
    Access the SysAI Chatbot from the Self-Service Portal
    •  Chatbot in the Service Catalog Tiles

Chat with the Chatbot

Once triggered, the Chatbot opens and displays the personalized Welcome Message, encouraging the user to enter their query. 

You can begin a conversation with the Chatbot and receive answers to your questions that are not only provided quickly but are also specific to your organization.

To create a new chat thread, click on the [show button] on the top left of the chat interface.

To access chat thread history, click on any thread in the left panel to continue its conversation.

You can also react to any chatbot message within a chat thread by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons.

Submit a Service Record during a Chat

You can submit a Service Record when you're chatting with the Chatbot.
As soon as you send your first message, a "Create a Service Record" link will appear underneath the thumbs up/thumbs down feedback buttons.
Once you click on the link, a progress indicator will appear in a popup, confirming that a Service Record is being created on your behalf.
The Chatbot will then send you a Confirmation Message verifying a Service Record has been created and specifying its SR ID and Title, both of which link to their SR in the Self-Service Portal.

Until the Service Record gets resolved, the conversation will be logged under the left panel’s “Unresolved” section.

Once the SR is closed, it will revert back to a regular chat thread in the Chat History panel.

This new Service Record is created from your account’s default SR Template, auto-populated with the following field values:

Service Record TitleThread Title
DescriptionSummary of the thread chat
MessageConversation Log
Request UserLogged in User

Chat with Chatbot via Email

Chat with the Chatbot via Email


You can also communicate with the Chatbot via email when you submit a Service Record via email.

To do this, you can send an email to your organization account’s configured email ( for SR email submission, which the Chatbot then sends an automated reply to, addressing the issue or question.

There are a number of options for how to reply to the Chatbot’s automatic response:

  • Select “Continue to Chat”

This will open a new tab for continuing the Chat, including email’s original user query and the Chatbot response

  • Select “Issue Resolved!”, which will officially resolve the Service Record

The Chatbot only responds to Service Record Submission emails if it has a relevant response for the email's content.

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