Upgrade path from previous versions
    • 18 Mar 2024
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    Upgrade path from previous versions

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    Come and explore all of the SysAid features and improvements you'll have access to from each new release. You can count on two major SysAid On-Premise releases each year in addition to our twenty annual releases for SysAid Cloud. It's our mission to offer a Help Desk and ITSM solution that is advanced, stable, and fueled by our customers’ direct feedback and requests.

    Make sure you backup your database before initiating a version upgrade
    If upgrading from a non-recent version, you should follow the upgrade path indicated by the compatible versions, not skipping more than 2 versions at a time
    ReleaseDateCompatible Versions
    SysAid 23.3March 17, 202422.4 and above
    SysAid 23.2July 10, 202322.3 and above
    SysAid 22.4February 7, 202322.1 and above
    SysAid 22.3November 30, 202221.4 and above
    SysAid 22.1June 6, 202221.2 and above
    SysAid 21.4January 31, 202220.4 and above
    SysAid 21.2August 10, 202120.3 and above
    SysAid 20.4March 8, 202120.2 and above
    SysAid 20.3November 12, 202020.1 and above
    SysAid 20.2June 28, 202019.4 and above
    SysAid 20.1February 24, 202018.1 and above
    SysAid 19.4December 1, 201918.1 and above
    All downloadable links can be found here (requires login).
    For information about releases earlier than 19.4, reach out to our Customer Care team via live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Portal