• 05 Feb 2024
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    The TeamViewer integration allows you to initiate a TeamViewer remote control session with your end users from any service record.


    For the integration to work properly, your SysAid URL must be accessible to outside of your company network. You cannot use the server's IP address as the URL. In addition, you must be running SysAid version 15.2.07 or above.


    Enable the TeamViewer Integration

    1. On the main Third-Party Integrations page, on the TeamViewer icon, click IntegrationsfilesGreenCog20.jpg.
    2. In the Callback URL field, replace the default URL before "/addonsConsume/teamViewer" with your SysAid URL.
    3. In the TeamViewer Session Timeout field,enter the number of minutes after the session begins that users will be able to join or reconnect to the session.
    4. Click the slider to activate the TeamViewer integration.
    5. Click Save Changes.

    Launch a Team Viewer session from an SR

    Once the integration is configured, you can launch a TeamViewer remote control session from any SR.

    To launch the session, in the SR

    1. Find the user you want to share the session with and click the TeamViewer icon in that user's actions.
    2. If this is the first time, you are accessing TeamViewer from SysAid, a prompt appears requesting the necessary permissions. Click Allow.
    3. In the TeamViewer Integration window, click Connect as admin.
      If you have TeamViewer installed on your machine, it opens and launches the session.
    4. If you do not have TeamViewer installed on your machine, an .exe file automatically downloads on your machine. Run the file to launch the session.

    Once the session begins, you need to send the admin or end user you are connecting with the necessary information to join the session. To do this, you can either manually send your session partner the session code or you can generate a predefined email notification with a link to the session.

    To manually send the session code

    1. From the TeamViewer Integration window copy the session code in the top half of the window.
    2. Paste the code into an email or instant message and send it to your session partner.

    To generate a predefined email notification with a link to the session

    1. In the TeamViewer Integration window, click Send Message.
    2. A Send Message window opens with a ready-to-send email that includes a link to the TeamViewer session.
    3. Click Send.
      You can edit the email before you send it. You can also edit the default text of the automatically generated notification by locating the TeamViewer notification in Settings > Customize > Notifications.