SysAid API
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    SysAid API

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    Article Summary

    The SysAid API allows you to connect third party programs and code to your SysAid. This can be used to insert data into your SysAid or to pull information for use in other applications.

    The API gives you access to the following SysAid entities for editing, creation, and deletion:

    • Catalog Items
    • CIs
    • CI Relationship Types
    • CI Types
    • Companies
    • Assets
    • Projects
    • Service Records
    • Service Record Activities
    • Software Products
    • Suppliers
    • Administrators/End Users
    • Tasks

    Sample uses for the SysAid API include interfacing SysAid with another database, such as the supplier DB used in your purchasing department, or the creation of service records by 3rd party software. Another example is updating non AD/LDAP users from a separate CRM software.

    For further SysAid API resources, please view the SysAid API Guide.

    To get started using the SysAid API, open the wsdl file in your development environment of choice. The API interface should load automatically. From there, your programming knowledge and skill will guide you.


    Updating the API

    SysAid allows you to create custom fields in your database from Settings > Customize > Fields Customization> (Choose an Entity) > Custom Columns. In order to be able to use these custom fields in the API, you must update the API. You must have Java Development Kit 6 installed in order to perform this update.

    To update the API

    1. Input the location of your Java 6 bin directory.
    2. Click Save Java Location.
    3. Click Update API (this will update the wsdl file).
    4. Restart the SysAid Server service.
    5. Reload the wsdl file in your development environment.

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