Service Record Summary
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Service Record Summary

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Article Summary

Service Record Summary in the Queue 

Service Record Summaries are quick recaps of lengthy content in each Service Record – directly from the Queue. 

These summaries allow Admins to eliminate the need to spend time opening each SR and reading its Notes, Messages, Solutions, and Resolutions.


The “Enable AI” checkbox is only clickable if the SysAid account has a valid license. 

If the checkbox is unchecked, Generative AI features won’t be accessible, including Service Record Summaries

Service Record Summaries are generated based on the content of the following fields:

  • Notes
  • Message(s)
  • Solution
  • Resolution

This document explains how to:

 Enable Service Record Summaries

enable UI highlightedEnable Generative AI features, which includes SR Summaries


To enable Service Record Summaries, go to Admin Portal > General Settings, and select the “Enable AI” checkbox.

Read Service Record Summaries

You can read SR Summaries from inside: 

Read a Service Record Summary from inside the Queue

To read a Service Record Summary from inside the Queue, hover over its ID or Title Fields; the AI-Generated summary will appear inside the popup.

You can also use the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons to rate the Service Record Summary’s quality and effectiveness.

Read a Ticket Summary from inside a Service Record

To read a Summary from inside the Service Record, hover over its Title and the AI-Generated content inside the popup will appear.Enable Service Record Summaries

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