Service Record Actions
    • 02 Jul 2024
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    Service Record Actions

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    You can perform several actions on a Service Record using the Service Record Header’s Actions dropdown menu (requires Service Record in Hybrid View)


    • SysAdmin or Admin permissions

    • Spaces activated and enabled

    This document provides the necessary steps to perform Service Record actions opening an active Service Record in its Hybrid View.

    Open Service Record in Hybrid View

    Admins can perform the following options by opening a Spaces Service Record in Hybrid Ticket View:

    To do any of these actions, begin by opening the Spaces Service Record in Hybrid View:

    Step 1

    launch classic queue(1)

    Click the three dots in the Request’s or Incident’s Service Record Header and select Open in Classic.

    This will open the Hybrid View of the Service Record, in the familiar Classic UI.

    Step 2

    Choose the relevant action as described below and select it from the dropdown;

    Convert Incident to Request

    Admins can convert a Spaces Service Record’s Type (from an Incident to a Request or vice versa).

    When an Incident or Request is converted, SysAid converts it and applies any associated Workflow, and initiates the workflow as if the Service Record had just been submitted.

    To revert a Service Record back to its previous Type, select the option again from the dropdown menu.

    An alert appears, warning you of possible data loss. If you still want to revert the request back to an incident, click OK.

    Enable Service Record Conversion

    The Service Record Conversion option must first be enabled in the Service Desk Settings, by checking off the Allow Admins to change SR Type from Incidents to Requests and vice versa checkbox


    Admins can choose to duplicate a Service Record, which creates an exact copy of the Service Record.


    • Admins should Save the Service Record before duplicating it

    • Neither Activities nor Message logs are duplicated; any important correspondence or Activities details should be copied and pasted into the Notes Field before the SR is duplicated

    Create Related Items

    Service Records are frequently related to other Service Desk components (e.g. Tasks, Projects, Knowledge Base items, etc.) of the helpdesk.

    For these use cases, Admins can created a Related Item for the active Service Record.

    To do this, select Create a New Linked Item from the dropdown, and choose:

    1. Its Type

    2. Whether or not the active Service Record caused or was ‘caused' by the new Related Item – or neither

    3. Click Create New

    Linked Related Items

    • If the selected Related Item is a Service Record, only those with the same Category of the active Service Record will appear on the dropdown list

    • Admins can view Related Items linked to a Service Record from its Related Items tab

    Assign Parent & Child Fields

    The Parent and Child Fields can be assigned to individual Service Records that address a common issue.


    30 Service Records are created and submitted to the Help Desk when the internet stops working

    Instead of managing these Service Records in silos, Admins can assign a Parent ID to one Service Record by copying and pasting its SR ID# into a separate Service Record’s Parent ID Field.

    All Service Records whose Parent ID Field is populated then becomes the Parent Service Record’s Child Service Record.

    Child Service Records

    Adding a Parent ID value to what then becomes a Child Service Record will have the following impacts:

    • Changing the Parent Service Record’s Status will automatically change those of its Child Service Records

    • Any email sent to the Parent Service Record will automatically be sent to its Child Service Records

    To assign a Parent ID to a Service Record (thereby making it a Child Service Record), open its Related Items tab and paste the Parent ID’s Service Record ID into the Parent ID Field.

    Archive a Service Record

    Closed Service Records (Status Class = Closed) can be archived by Admins, so that they no longer appear in the Queue.

    Archived Service Records can’t be modified after they’ve been archived, and they’ll only appear in a Service Desk View that shows archived SRs.

    Return to Spaces UI

    Once you’re finished performing your Service Desk actions in Hybrid View, return to the Spaces UI by clicking Close on the Service Record’s Hybrid View overlay.

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