Password Services Notification
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    Password Services Notification

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    Article summary

    This page allows you to configure administrator notifications for the different events in Password Services.

    There are two events in Password Services that trigger notifications:

    • User resets a password
    • User unlocks his/her account

    Whenever a user triggers an event, a notification is sent to the specified administrator(s). Note that these notifications are seperate from the notifications an end user recieves after completing one of the Self Service wizards.

    Selecting a notification for a Password Services event

    To select a notification for an event:

    1. Go to the "Notification" tab and create the notification. Instructions for this can be found here. Note that this is where you specify who receives the notification.
    2. In column 1 (see image), choose the event that triggers the notification.
    3. In column 2, select the notification that you created in step 1.
    4. In column 3, you can create a filter so that the notification you've selected is only sent for certain users. This step is optional. An example of a filter could be "Location = Headquarters." In this case, you could create a second notification for the same event and use the opposite filter, i.e. "Location <> Headquarters," thus ensuring that administrators are notified for all events of this type.
    5. Click Add.

    End user notifications
    Please see the Creating Notifications section of the Password Services Guide for instructions for modifying end user notifications.

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