Latest Version Installation Files
    • 07 May 2024
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    Latest Version Installation Files

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    Things to know before Installation and Updates

    We highly encourage you to have a process in place that ensures that you upgrade your On-Premise version to the latest version published below, to guarantee that you'll enjoy all the latest security enhancements and new features.

    • Upgrading directly to the most up-to-date SysAid On-premise version can be performed on one of the two versions that precede it, but not further back than that
    • If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, please follow the upgrade path indicated in the compatible versions chart
    • Make sure to back up your SysAid Server folder as well as the Database prior to running the upgrade process.

    The upgrade process can take time, depending on database size and network connection
    • If you encounter an issue during or after the upgrade process, please reach out to our Customer Care team via Live chat or open a ticket on our Customer Portal.

    Latest Version Installation Files

    Current Version: 23.3.38 

    New Installation (x64)

    Windows 64-bit (Upgrade)

    RDS 64-bit (Installation)

    Security guidelines and instructions to follow:

    • Make sure you are installing the latest version of SysAid and are regularly following our website for updates
    • Make sure the server you are running SysAid on is updated to the latest OS versions and security patches
    • Make sure access to the Server where SysAid is installed on is accessible only from your local network or VPN and via 2FA
    • Make sure you security controls such as EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and WAF installed on your SysAid server like any other application in your network that needs to be
    • It is strongly recommended to block access from the outside world to your SysAid Server, if for business reasons you need access to the server from the outside world make sure to take actions like installing a WAF and other security measures. 

    Join Our League of SysAid Pathfinders

    • Be the first to test new features and functionality
    • Share your input at the final stages of development for each new release
    • Receive top priority from our Support team during Beta testing periods
    • Enjoy special events such as exclusive roundtables