Spaces: Known Issues
    • 08 May 2024
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    Spaces: Known Issues

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    Article summary

    The following issues have been identified in the modules listed below and are currently being resolved by the SysAid team.

    Service Records

    Editing Service Records

    • Service Records don't lock for editing when logging in through SSO


    • Attachments tab doesn’t display Attachments Counter

    • Attachment deletions aren't applied to Notes

    • Attachment deletions are allowed for different users when Service Records are in locked mode

    • Rich Text Elements & Inline Images (Notes in SSP) aren't visible

    • Attachment previews in the Journey tab aren't visible --> Workaround: Preview file in the Attachments tab

    Attachment Uploads & Downloads

    • Attachment Uploads & Downloads block ability to navigate between Journey Views

    • Attachment Uploads & Downloads prevented for Resolution Fields if already performed in Solution Field


    • Date format and time zone not considered in Notifications

    • Special characters displayed incorrectly in SSP

    • Inline images added to the wrong place in Notes & Resolutions

    • Active Notes aren’t sticky to bottom panel during scrolling


    • Solution and Resolution Fields:

      • Can’t be populated via email rules / escalation

      • Missing values don’t prevent SR closure from Queue

      • Adding inline image to Resolution Field causes double scroll

      • Selecting and editing Solution Field’s text in Resolution Card closes it and disables further edits

      • Solution Field values in Notification texts lack line breaks

    • Reopening Service Records

      • Closure disabled for SRs of several statuses

      • Users are directed to edit existing Resolution Cards

    • Changes to Resolutions Cards discarded when “Resolve” button (Toolbar) is clicked during edits

    • Sharing Solution & Resolution 

      • When shared with Request User, Notifications display both fields for Admins, but only display Solution Field for End Users

      • When not shared with Request User, Notifications to Admins don't display Solution or Resolution Fields

    Queue & Templates

    • “Max Support Level” and “Current Support Level” Fields don’t display values

    • Service Records defined as ‘Archived’ may appear in the Queue

    • Service Records can’t be archived manually

    • Choosing “Select all” from droplist selects up to 100 displayed items, but “Clear all” selects all database items

    Template Designer

    Templates cannot be previewed when logging in through SSO


    When more than 100 Users or Categories exist, filtering by “Request User” or “Categories” when searching for a User or Category prevents ability to select a value once an initial one has been selected

    Inline Edit

    User Groups with “View Only” Field permissions receive the “No Permissions” popup after they’ve edited the Field (instead of before)


    1 Routing Rule appears as multiple lines in the Journey


    • Full Journey Mode doesn't list data about Action Item Status changes caused by Dependencies and Autocomplete

    • Updating Action Items from SSP doesn't display changes in real time in Admin Portal

    • Service Desk Settings checkbox doesn't support the “Automatically close all Action Items when closing the Service Record” Setting.
      If checked, Service Records with "Enabled Action Items" become Disabled when closed

    • Reopening an Action Item with a passed Due Date disables the Action Item, with no option to reactivate

    Workflow Designer

    • Creating Data Population rules that use the "Append" Option on "Text" Field type Texts adds a "null" string to the appended text

    • Dependency on Additional User doesn't work

    Self-Service Portal

    • End users can't reopen closed Service Records (Admins can reopen SRs via the Admin Portal)



    • Service Record ID Prefix can’t be customized


    • Service Record links in Emails or Notifications require additional log in process

    • Incorrect Notifications sent when creating Service Records through Emails using an Email Rule that sets a Template

    Me Menu

    • Defined Signature not added to Messages

    • Out of Office feature malfunction

    • Users converted to Admins can’t save data

    Performance & Stability

    System delays may occur when:

    • Creating a new Service Record

    • Applying Queue Filters

    Log in

    • Incorrect login credentials turn Fields red instead of showing Generic Error

    SysAid Copilot

    • Data Pool: .doc files can be uploaded but not downloaded from the Data Pool

    What's Next