Fulfill Action Items
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    Fulfill Action Items

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    Article summary

    Workflow Updates (Action Items) made from the Service Record page, via Email, or from the Self-Service Portal


    • Spaces ITSM Edition

    • Service Record Edit Permissions (Updates via Service Record)

    • Service Record View Permissions (Updates via Self-Service Portal)

    Workflow participants can fulfill Action Items from the following places:

    • Service Record Page

    • Email

    • Self-Service Portal

    Fulfill Action Items via the Service Record page

    You can update Action Items from the Service Record Page inside the Resolution Panel Action Items tab. The Action Item tab displays the Workflow Phases (collapsible), in the order they appear in the SR Template.

    Phase Progress Bar

    The Phase Progress Bar (collapsible) is shown per Phase in the Action Items tab, and includes a counter of the Action Items completed thus far.

    In a scenario where a certain Action Item depends on a condition that isn’t met, the Progress Bar will display as 100% complete yet the Action Item counter doesn’t indicate that all items were completed.

    Completed Action Items are indicated (when a Phase is expanded) by a filled-in checkmark icon.

    Fulfill Action Items via Email

    Users can update Action Item Statuses via email and perform one of the following actions:

    • Approve 

    • Deny

    • Complete

    • Reopen

    Fulfill Action Items via SSP 

    Fulfill an Action Item from the Self-Service Portal

    Action Items can be updated by their Assignees directly from the Self-Service Portal.

     Once you’ve updated the Action Items, you can select one of the following:

    • Complete

    The next participant in the SR process will be notified

    • OK > Apply

    The update will be saved but not completed

    Complete a Workflow

    To complete a Workflow, click on the “Complete” button. 

    Completed Action Items can be re-activated at any point by clicking “Reopen”.

    Reopening an Action Item automatically reopens all subsequent (completed) Action Items in its SR process.