Edit/Add New Supplier
    • 27 May 2022
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    Edit/Add New Supplier

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    This page allows you to create or edit a record for one of your suppliers.


    Enter the details of your supplier on the General Details tab and then click OK/Apply to save the information you've entered.

    Under the History tab you can see a list of all changes that have been made to this supplier. Click on a version number to open a new screen with a snapshot of the supplier at that revision.

    Related Items tab

    The Linked Items table shows you a list of all items related to the supplier. Click on any item to open a new window with details for that item.

    Items added to this table also appear in the Linked Items table for the related item. For example, if you add a software product to the Linked Items table on a supplier, you will see the supplier in the Linked Items table for that software product.

    To add linked items:

    1. Select the type of item you would like to add using the Add a new link, of type drop-down list.
    2. Choose the dependencey type of the linked item.
    3. Click Add. This opens a list of items of the selected type.
    4. From the list, select one or more items using the check boxes at the left end of the rows.
    5. Click Select to save the selected items. This closes the list and attaches the items.

    To remove linked items:

    1. Select one or more linked items using the check boxes.
    2. Click Delete from the list actions.

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