• 27 May 2024
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    Article summary

    Record all Service Record Resolution activity in a form card inside the Journey -- to track your workload, analyze productivity trends, and understand time-to-value ratios for better efficiency.


    • Admin with Service Record Edit permissions

    • Spaces Service Desk activated and enabled

    Admins working on a Service Record can add an Activities Card to the Journey, which contains a pre-configured form, with the following Fields:


    Population Method


    Auto-populated, editable

    Start Time

    Auto-populated, editable

    End Time

    Filled out by Admin

    Total Time

    Filled out by Admin


    Filled out by Admin

    Adding an Activities Card to the Journey allows Admins to document which Admin took specific steps they towards Service Record Resolution, describe what they were, and quantify the time they spent doing so.

    This document describes how to:

    Add an Activity

    To add an Activity to the Journey, click Activities in the Toolbar;

    This will create an Activities Card inside the Journey.

    Fill in the Fields in the card, and click Submit.

    Filter the Journey by Activities

    To view the Journey with the Activities filter:

    • Click the Journey Filters dropdown menu

    • Select Activities

    The Journey will then only display Activities in its log.

    Journey Filters

    Service Record Activities also appear in the Full Journey filter