Account Languages
    • 28 May 2024
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    Account Languages

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    Article summary

    Customize your Service Desk’s Language: set a default Language for your own Service Desk, and enable additional Languages for colleagues to switch to.


    • Spaces or Classic Service Desk

    • Admin or SysAdmin permissions

    • Relevant Translation file uploaded (OOTB or Custom)

    • Desired language enabled

    Admins can customize their Service Desk’s language settings (as part of their Account Defaults configurations).

    On the “Account Defaults” page, Admins can choose:

    • Which language their organization’s accounts should be in

    • Which languages should be enabled within their organization – so that users can independently configure their language setting in their Self-Service Portal

    Change Account Language

    The Account Defaults page is available under Service Desk Settings;

    Changing the Account Default Language

    When an Admin changes the account’s default language, this change only applies to new users created in SysAid, and not to existing users

    To access this page in Help Desk Classic, go to Settings > Customize > Account Defaults.

    To change the Account’s Default Language, select the “Language” dropdown menu, select the desired language, and click “Save”.

    Enable Languages

    Admins can enable multiple languages in their organization’s SysAid account so that:

    • Admins can change their personal Service Desk to their desired language

    • End Users can change their Self-Service Portal to their desired language

    To enable or disable languages in SysAid, select the three dots icon under the Available Languages field and select them from the multi-select list of language options.

    To save your selection, click “Submit” after you’ve checked the relevant checkboxes.

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