• 23 Oct 2023
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    Article summary

    GA - October 2023

    Feature Releases

    FR #DescriptionModule/Tool
    15524Tickets created through API now populate Source field with correct valuesIntegrations
    28768Workflow Notifications are now routed to the Admin Portal when the User Group Type is Admin and the Assignee user is "Admin" or left emptyService Desk

    Bug Fixes

    Bug #DescriptionModule/Tool
    35177Updated key license for Patch Management (GFI)Security
    15102Resolved an edge case scenario where end users can delete Knowledge Base ArticlesKnowledge Base
    25697Service Quality by Timer Dashboard now shows decimal numbersDashboards
    29159Filtering by “update_time” with REST API now enables correct results according to Filter criteriaAPI
    21930Tickets with the “Phone Call” Sub Type can now be saved correctlyGeneral
    30649SysAid Mac Agent Utilities installs successfully, thus enabling the Hotkey functionalityApplications
    33697“Last Extraction” field in Power BI Reports now syncs with the accurate datePower BI
    17661Increased stability of Zapier integration between SysAid and other SaaS applications
    19611Rotate View now alternates between Dashboards successfullyDashboards
    20116Users can successfully populate Install Name fields within a Software ProductAsset Management
    30141Action Item status indicator correctly displays after automatic closureRequest Management
    30801SLA Calculations correctly account for “Exclude Dates” and “Operating Times” in PET (Peru Time Zone)SLA/SLM
    30200SSP Search returns full results successfully – according to users’ defined languageCustomization
    14687Group Names that include “&” characters display as expectedService Desk Settings
    15225Tickets created through API populate Source and Default Agreement fields with correct valuesIntegrations
    14704Calendar Events now accurately appear in user's time zone when added through OAuth2Integrations
    22060MTTR Overview Chart now displays correct top five valuesDashboards
    14715SysAid Mac Agent now opens the SSP successfullyAgent
    14895Project tasks can now be reordered for Gantt view successfullyTasks & Projects
    23128SysAid and Exchange Office 365 Calendars now sync correctly for all time zonesService Desk Settings
    24833Asset Form update process now mandated by Required Fields as expectedAsset Management
    29046Asset Entity columns now successfully retain field values after inventory is updated or redeployedCustomization
    29516Service Records now generated successfully based on SolarWinds alert configurationIntegrations
    31383TeamViewer establishes connections successfully with Azure domain users for remote control sessionsIntegrations
    33711SysAid for Teams Integration can now be activated successfullyIntegrations
    28922Numeric characters now supported for Asset ID  field values in MS SQL environments

    Security Enhancements


    Improved user password authentication during log in

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