• 04 Jul 2023
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    Article summary

    GA - July 2023


    • SysAid Windows Agent now supports Windows 11 assets
    • SysAid Agent Settings Automatic Updates now applicable to MAC and Linux assets using RDS Server’s new Configuration tab
    • New “Default Location/Department/Company” Column on the Asset Types page allows Default Value assignment per Asset Type
      • “Same as owner”
      • “Set manually”
      • “None”
    • Service Catalog Widget screen size auto-adjusts per number of catalog items.
    • New OOTB Online Users History Report
    • “Appearance” Setting now applicable to “Relational List display” Field
    • Multiple new Report functionalities
    • Improved File Import capabilities for Azure Integration
    • Optimized user experience for Service Catalog Widget

    Customer Accounts Version Status@ 

    * Last updated May 8, 2023

    Features and Bugs

    15684Option to automatically close Action Items when closing relevant SRRequest Management
    15668Service Catalog Widget screen size auto-adjusts per number of catalog itemsSelf-Service Portal
    Correct Service Catalog Page opens when clicking on SSP Search result
    Self-Service Portal
    15701Enabled Time of Action Items identical to Submission TimeSelf-Service Portal
    23856"Login Failure" message always identical to UsernameSecurity
    28801System can run multiple reports simultaneouslyReports
    15689New OOTB Online Users History ReportReports
    16347Custom Appearance Setting applicable to Relational List FieldReports

    Default Values can be assigned per Asset Type on Asset Types page’s new “Default Location, Dept & Company” column

    Asset Management
    26594Improved non-English language support in OKTA third-party integrationAsset Management

    Company entity names with special symbols

    (i.e. ä, ß, é, ç etc.) not duplicated when imported from Azure

    Imported Azure users can perform bulk updates using the Add-on page's "Import Now" option
    26852Disabled users in Azure are disabled in SysAidIntegrations
    22511Third-party providers can create Service Records with missing Headers that are enabled by OAuth2.0 Email IntegrationIntegrations
    15066Emails received from SysAid saved in the Sent Items inbox folder when using the Microsoft OAuth 2.0 Email IntegrationIntegrations
    24673"Visible in automation panel" column not duplicated in "Request Templates" list view for accounts using Automate JoeService Orchestration
    24283Dashboard Chart supports the "Service Quality by Time" Custom Filter fieldAnalytics
    14857Exported Reports' Request Time appears as Month, Date, Year for date ranges and single datesAnalytics
    18482SysAid Agent Settings applicable to MAC and Linux assets using RDS Server's new Configuration tabSysAid Agent
    15159Colored fonts display as expected in Knowledge Base articlesKnowledge Base
    24262Knowledge Base article creation and updates include base64 imagesKnowledge Base
    15082API users with no SR Agreement Attachment automatically receive SLA value of "0"SLA/SLM
    14759Due Dates updated according to "Exclude Dates" rules in several time zonesService Desk Settings
    14527Apostrophes (') supported in User Group names and in List ViewGeneral